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Terrible experience for new customer. Oryana who is even manager was at fault. Said I was a new customer so she would give me "MVP tx for free" and I should "keep my coupon for next time". I had a 50% off coupon. and it turns out she doesn't give me a free anything but takes no money off...had to call that out on check out and she still then only gives $5 off. NOT the 50% as promised. During my "free MVP" she asks "do you want conditioner". I'm thinking it is free and no mention of an added cost to put in conditoiner...she charges for THAT too. THEN she grabs a shampoo and a conditioner off the shelf and puts them on the counter at $18 each as if I agreed to purchase. She pushed the conditioner HARD and gave some BS story about pH of the hair.and how my hair "needs it"..ummm I'm a doctor, I know it's BS. She rings it up ...then gives me smart comments about "you are not a new customer" and "you must have been seen somewhere else" when I asked for my discount and refund of this crap, and she then goes on to dispute any new customer discounts AT ALL... even though SHE was the one who offered the NEW customer "free MVP" in the first place.Curious! Is this how you treat a potential new customer? What happened to real customer service and not running up prices? I'm no idiot and did not need the frustration and confrontation from a place I thought was going to be my new haircut place. Never again here. Save yourself frustration, manipulation, and a ton of money by going somewhere else. I hope this manager and location is not representative of all SportsClips.

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Brian L. | June 16, 2019 Haircut

"Terrible experience for new customer. Oryana who is even manager was at fault. Said I was a new cust"